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Kolmar Korea

Well Respected All Across the World

Kolmar Korea was founded in Wisconsin in 1921. It is an ODM/ OEM manufacturing company. 

It's the number 1 (one) ODM company in Korea, and number 2 (two) in the world.

  • Supplies about 500 cosmetic companies (Top brands in the U.S and Europe). 

  • It holds over 20,000 formulations, and holds about 30% of market share for cosmetics, medicine manufacturing and packaging. 

Kolmar Korea

Founded in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1921
Well Respected Around the Wrold

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The 3rd Institute in the World to Produce Space Food

  • It was founded in February 1959 as Korea's first comprehensive science and technology research institute

  • 3000 Scientists, 1500 Ph.D.'s

  • Won the bid to export research reactor in Jordan in 2009

  • 3rd in the world to have the Proton Linear Accelerator (U.S, Japan)

  • Scheduled to build power plants in Saudi Arabia to solve their lack of water problems

  • KAERI is well respected all around the world. 

Kolmar B&H

Kolmar Beauty & Health

A joint venture of Kolmar Korea & KAERI to form Kolmar B&H.

It is a manufacturing company that produces health functional food, personal care products, and cosmetics.

How it Works

Kolmar Korea and KAERI joined together to form Kolmar B&H (Beauty & Health). 

Kolmar B&H manufactures the products and provides them to Atomy.


Atomy is a distribution center that distributes the products. 

One of the best ways to distribute products is to have people help you. 

This is where you & I come into the equation. And because of that, the Members of Atomy are compensated up to a total of 70% of revenue (maximum of $50k- 100k a month). 

Joint Venture
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